After few hours searching for inspirations to my new flat, here you go:

Firstly, some how I just really don't like colours. I wouldn't mind to paint one wall in a dark green, but that is it. I am not into pictures, gifts from Africa, India, favorite band's posters on walls. I just prefer everything to be white and not really pretentious.

Despite the fact, that I'm not reading a lot just now, (I enjoy and everything what internet can suggest me, but it's so different from the act when you are reading a real book) I admire flats where you can always find interesting books beside the bed.

I came with idea, that actually it is not necessary to have anything else in your bedroom except a bed and a window. Maybe that is my dream since I have lived in one big room, with a space for dinning, drying clothes and sleeping. 

Rule number one: I desperately need a huge mirror (two normal size will be also excepted).

My father used to travel a lot around the world and mark everyplace where he had been. Idea?

 Good luck dreaming

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